Attention online entrepreneurs: Are you self-sabotaging your success?

Discover the only Information Marketing course that develops the most important aspect of your business; your mind!

Hey, I know that video was a bit long so please read the following letter:

If you’re a new internet marketer serious about creating your first information marketing business but don't know where to start or you lack confidence in your ability to create a product that people want to buy then this letter may just be the most important business building letter you ever read.

Hi, My name is Jason Daly and if you want to succeed with Information Marketing, then pay very close attention!

In the next few minutes you’re really going to learn why information marketing is THE business to be building Now and in the FUTURE and how using a unique shift in perspective virtually guarantees your success.

If you don’t believe me listen to Yoda teaching Luke Skywalker in Star Wars when Luke says: “I can’t believe it” and Yoda replies “That is why you fail!”

And by the end of this letter you’ll understand how to put this perspective shift to work for your mind so it expands your mind-set

And this is so powerful that it unleashes your inner internet marketing beast and explodes your business!

And because this system you’re going to hear about is NOT just another “How To” Information Product this shift in perspective is suitable for anyone;

  • It works to change your mind-set
  • And builds a positive attitude for anyone
  • Regardless of any prior struggles you may have had in the past
  • Whilst trying to build your business

Look: it’s no secret that more and more business is being done online than ever before

And I’m sure you already know that more and more people are turning to the internet to search for the solutions to their problems.

People will always be willing to pay for quality information to help them in all areas of their life

These problems may be physical – being in pain, being overweight…

Or emotional – mood swings, depression…

Or sports related – improve golf swing, run faster…

But if you approach your business incorrectly you will see very little in the form of sales and your confidence will drop and self-doubt appears. So you need the correct business strategy and mind-set to overcome any frustrations.

Remember that you’re in business to help people

In fact, Thomas Oppong, Founder of and contributor to stated…

“Don't Just Start a Business, Solve a Problem

 And look at what serial entrepreneur and international speaker Evan Carmichael has to say about the importance of your mind-set…

“Having the right mind-set is the foremost attribute required for every entrepreneur. If there is something in common between the world's highly successful entrepreneurs - Bill Gates, Sam Walton, or Thomas Edison - it is their winning mind-sets. A great product or idea will not necessarily ensure success in business. It is with positive mind-sets that these industry leaders built thriving companies. Even if your entrepreneurial venture is small with very limited operations, the most vital element for its success is your mind-set.”

Just imagine it for a second…

A budding entrepreneur decides to sell an information product showing a consumer how to “Add 10 yards to their golf swing” And it tells them what they need to do; things such as invest in better clubs, get a mentor for some personal coaching etc. Unfortunately they make very few sales and become disheartened and this is a very common occurrence because:

  • Their mind-set and business approach is all wrong

Fact is: it only takes a few minutes looking through articles on sites like to realise that you need to produce a MUST HAVE product, not a NICE TO HAVE product

And it must focus on what the consumer WANTS, not want they NEED

The golfer WANTS a set of quick fixes he can use to improve his swing. He doesn’t want to waste time and money buying better clubs and paying for expensive one to one coaching; although this is what he NEEDS if he is to improve long term

So, Information marketing is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative business models available and now is the perfect time to get started

Not convinced yet? Here are some more reasons…

  • The start-up and running costs are minimal
  • It is low risk
  • It has a perfect sales model; selling 1 to many i.e. you are selling to a global audience and can even make money while you sleep!

So if it’s so good why aren’t we all doing it?

Many internet marketers suffer from the idea that creating information products takes a lot of time, money and expertise in the niche…

But nothing could be further from the truth!

The thing is: Information marketing is SIMPLE but it isn’t EASY

And many people fail before they even start!

Why do people fail?

  • Is it technology? No
  • Is it a lack of money? No
  • Is it a lack of time? No

Now you may think that all these things are reasonable obstacles and they are but it goes much deeper than that

And the root cause of these obstacles is because they don’t have the correct mind-set and are full of self-doubt

Well don’t worry because that can be easily fixed!

I wasn’t always a confident go it alone internet marketer!

During my Army career I was pushed and pushed physically and mentally and it is amazing how much you can achieve with the correct motivation and mind-set. Most Special Forces soldiers are positive people, and have a positive mind-set similar to wealthy people and this helps them to succeed when 90% of people fail.

Success is more about mental endurance than physical ability

Harvard professor Dr. Ellen Langer once said “Where the mind leads, the body will follow”

So as you can see I have been pushed well beyond my comfort zone but this is where we grow the most and this helps us to determine our “Why”

  • Why are you starting this business?
  • What are your ultimate goals and dreams and why do they attract you?

Wasn’t it the ancient Greeks that stated “Know thyself”

And when you do know yourself something magical happens and you lose self-doubt and begin to smash down the barriers of your business

You stop procrastinating and you achieve SUCCESS!

So don’t be discouraged, especially if you have tried before and not got the results you wanted…

And remember:

  • Most experts started off where you are today
  • The tech stuff isn’t that difficult and a lot can be outsourced
  • Find a course that fits YOU and USE IT; TAKE MASSIVE IMPERFECT ACTION or you will NEVER see results
  • You must believe in yourself and develop a positive business mind-set

SO many people give up after trying something once, or worse just as they are about to make the breakthrough that could change their lives

So take a moment and “know thyself.”

Know your reason why and then you can start the shift in mind-set that will explode your success once and for all. Mind-set and a positive attitude are a crucial part of the puzzle for any entrepreneur yet it never gets discussed in traditional information marketing courses or coaching. In fact, there is a reason for this:

  • Most people want you to fail because they can then sell you more products!

You see, any successful business owner has a specific mind-set which stimulates creativity, increases productivity and reinforces self-belief even when faced with so-called “failure”

Now you can make this shift all on your own but it takes precious time and this is time you can never get back


If you are ready to make this change I would like to help you. You see, the information marketing business is exploding and it’s only going to get bigger so you really need to know how to create and market information products

BUT before you even begin to think about marketing and product creation, you need to have the positive mind-set that is crucial to success. Some people are born with it but most are not! But you can train your mind to work in different ways and to create new habits that empower you and greatly increase your chances of success

That’s what you want right?

Then let me quickly tell you about something called

“Building the Business Within”

ebook_cover 3 3D4It’s a complete and comprehensive multi-media package

That walks you through each and every piece and step of implementing positive affirmation and goal setting techniques to blast through any self-limiting beliefs you may have and to explode your business

And I’m so confident that “Building the Business Within” will enable you to have the breakthrough and success you deserve that I’ll even let you try it risk free.

That’s right. Just use the entire course to get the change in mind-set you need to build your business and if it doesn’t get you the perspective shift you desire to really take your business forward it won’t cost you a dime

Now before telling you everything you get, there’s one thing I need you to be aware of:

This program was not designed to be fun.

It was designed to help you take an honest look at yourself to determine what is really holding you back from achieving the results you deserve and this can sometimes be a difficult experience if you are being truly honest with yourself so if you’re not willing to be truly honest with yourself and to expose your innermost flaws then this course is NOT for you.

If, on the other hand, you are serious about being a successful entrepreneur and you are serious about building a business you can be proud of and that supports your needs,

Then “Building the Business Within” is definitely for you

So, let me tell you what you get today with this package:

First off, “Building the Business Within” isn’t just a little eBook or PDF.

It includes:

  • Video,
  • Audio
  • Manual
  • Mind-maps and
  • Goal setting work-sheets

With The “Building The Business Within” Training Video, You Get…

  • A detailed step-by-step processes that you can use in numerous ways
  • It increases your business success using the secrets of the military mind!
  • It also nurtures the entrepreneurial mind-set crucial to success
  • It blasts through procrastination

Wealthy people think differently so you need to learn to think like them and you will begin to develop a positive business mind-set, set goals and be open to all the opportunities around you and much, MUCH more!

And what makes this even better?

  • It enables you to learn what makes you tick
  • It enables you to realize your reason why
  • It enables you to understand that you are already wealthy (yes, really!) And
  • It also empowers you to overcome any fear of failure and so you will take massive imperfect action!
  • Which makes feelings of self-doubt resulting in procrastination a thing of the past

As well, if you prefer to listen to audio whether it be in your car, or on your mobile phone you also get a complete audio version of the entire “Building the Business Within” Training.

This way you can listen to it at your convenience, anywhere, anytime

And if, instead, you prefer to read rather than listening to an audio or watching a video, you also get the “Building the Business Within” Manual which is a word-for-word breakdown of the entire “Building the Business Within” System.

This way, whatever your preferred method of getting the details on developing your mind-set, you have it at your disposal with the “Building the Business Within” System

The Fourth Component You Get Are The Mind-maps…

This is a simple document containing 3 Mind-maps in PNG, PDF And XMIND Format to refer to any time to ensure you stay on track and reap the full benefits of the system. You can print these out and put them next to your computer to keep you focused or even download them and set them as A background image on your mobile phone for even easier reference.

The fifth component you get are the goal setting worksheets

This is A simple document containing 3 goal setting work-sheets in DOC and PDF format to break down goals into manageable tasks so you know what to do each day to reach your long and short term goals And you don’t have to worry or think about whether you are doing the right thing to achieve your goals.

And best of all... you'll start seeing results with “Building the Business Within” in a few days as your perspective shifts, not just in business but also in life!

So how much does it cost?

Well this information is priceless

I Mean How Much Is Learning To Break Down The Walls And Exploding Your Business Worth To You?



Well, This Entire Package Has A True Retail Value Of At Least $97

And that doesn’t even include the bonus items you’re also going to get that I’ll tell you about in just a second

I am determined to help you smash down these walls and experience the business and personal growth you truly deserve. And because I can give you immediate access today by giving you a digital copy of the entire “Building the Business Within” system, there are minimal costs and expenses for me.

So I Am Able To Give You Access To The Entire Package For Well Below The $97.00 Value

In fact, today as part of a marketing test you can grab the entire package including all the videos, audio and manuals for a one-time payment of just


And, remember: you can try out the whole thing risk-free.

And if it doesn’t help you to develop a positive mind-set and change your perspective on how to run your business, just shoot me an email, and you’ll get a complete 100% refund. No questions asked.

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You’ll also learn about The Top 5 People You Need in Your Network…

This Way, While Building The Business Within Takes Care Of Your Mind-set…

You’ll Also Learn About Positioning Yourself As An Expert And How To Network Effectively…

So you can build a really profitable online business and enjoy your dream lifestyle…

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Understand this:

Every day wasted is another opportunity missed to  build your business and change your life

Develop yourself on a personal level by taking action, nurturing a positive mind-set and setting your goals to achieve long lasting success for you and your family. Creating and selling information has never been easier and there is very little risk and huge profit margins and "Building the Business Within" holds the key to your success with Information Marketing by developing your mind-set and setting you on the path to business success

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And I look forward to hearing your success story and seeing your business grow